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Virtual Craft Happy Hours

The Writer’s Center hosts a series of Virtual Craft Happy Hours, conversations with esteemed authors from around America sharing their thoughts on the craft of writing.

August 12, 2020 
Tope Folarin, author of A Particular Kind of Black Man

August 6, 2020 
Mathangi Subramanian, author of A People’s History of Heaven

July 31, 2020 
Jessica Q. Stark, author of Savage Pageant

July 24, 2020
Alysia Li Ying Sawchyn, author of A Fish Growing Lungs

July 17, 2020
Kevin Latimer, author of ZOETROPE

July 10, 2020
Lauren Francis-Sharma, author of Book Of The Little Axe

June 27, 2020
Chelsea Bieker, author of Godshot

June 19, 2020
Gale Marie Thompson, author of Helen or My Hunger

May 28, 2020
Jennifer Steil, author of Exile Music

May 14, 2020
Edward A. Farmer, author of Pale

April 29, 2020
Elizabeth Lindsey Rogers, author of The Tilt Torn Away from the Seasons

April 22, 2020
Lilly Dancyger, editor of Burn it Down

April 17, 2020
Jeni McFarland, author of The House of Deep Water

April 2, 2020
Rion Amilcar Scott, author of The World Doesn’t Require You

Furious Gravity anthology release and reading

May 3, 2020

A virtual reading by contributors to the new anthology of DC women writers, Furious Gravity! Featuring Stephanie Dulli, Amy Freeman, Wendy Goodman, Monique Hayes, Donna Hemans, Beth Kanter, Maggie Nye, Alice Stephens, and Kathleen Wheaton. Moderated by contributor Vonetta Young.

The Writer’s Center LIVE! A Variety Show for Literature Lovers

February 29, 2020

A variety show for literature lovers, featuring nationally renowned authors Rachel Coonce, Dave Housley, Ofelia Montelongo, Rayceen Pendarvis, and Mahreen Sohail. Hosted by Amy Freeman, Brandon Blue, and Emily Holland, with music by Zach Powers.

Mental Illness Through a Literary Lens panel discussion

January 25, 2020

Moderator Patrick Corvington facilitates a discussion with authors Melanie Figg, Abdul Ali, Rocky Callen, Jenny Chen, and GG Renee Hill on the way the literary community addresses mental illness, how we get it right, and where we need to do better. Introduction by The Writer’s Center’s Board Member Vonetta Young.

*Please note that only the first ~25 minutes of the discussion were recorded due to a technical difficulty.

Strong Female Protagonists Panel

December 8, 2019

TWC presents authors Solveig Eggerz, Melanie Hatter, Leslie M. Rollins, and Alice Stephens as they share their thoughts and inspiration for writing strong female protagonists. Moderated by Bethanne Patrick, also known as @TheBookMaven.

Women Writing Crime Fiction: Motherhood, sisterhood and the pursuit of justice

November 17, 2019

Authors Cheryl Head (Judge Me When I’m Wrong), Tara Laskowski (One Night Gone) and Vanessa Lillie (Little Voices) discuss their newly released crime fiction with moderator Angie Kim.

The Writer’s Center LIVE!

November 7, 2019

Featuring nationally renowned authors Jose Padua, Monica Prince, Rion Amilcar Scott, Courtney Sexton, and Kate Wagner.

Kayla Rae Whitaker receives TWC’s First Novel Prize

June 27, 2019

The Writer’s Center is proud to present the McLaughlin-Esstman-Stearns First Novel Prize to Kayla Rae Whitaker for THE ANIMATORS. Presentation by prize founder Neal Gillen and judge Barbara Esstman.

LGBTQ Authors Panel

June 13, 2019

The Writer’s Center presented a panel discussion with LGBTQ authors from the DC area and beyond, including Aaron Hamburger, Cheryl Head, Emily Holland, Derrick Jefferson, and Angelique Palmer. Our panelists discussed LGBTQ literature, where it’s been, where it is, and where it might be going next in terms of craft, content, and impact on the LGBTQ community.

Autism Through a Literary Lens

June 8, 2019

The Writer’s Center presented a groundbreaking symposium addressing the subject of autism in literature and popular culture. This was the first event of its kind, offering free creative writing workshops followed by a panel discussion, featuring autistic and neurotypical writers. Featured writers included Eric Garcia, Hannah Grieco, Jen Malia, Shanon Lee, and New York Times bestselling author Carolyn Parkhurst.