Where are you located?

Our main office is in Bethesda, Md right off of Wisconsin Ave. We also hold classes in D.C. and Glen Echo. To view all of the venue information including directions, click here.


Where can I park?

Bethesda location: There is a metered public lot right across the street from The Writer’s Center. This lot is strictly metered until 10pm on weeknights and free on weekends. You can pay with quarters or use the MobileNow app on your smartphone. We no longer have cash on-site to provide change.

Hill Center location:  There is no parking lot, but limited metered street parking is available around the building.

Glen Echo: A free parking lot for Glen Echo Park is located just off MacArthur Boulevard on Oxford Road, across from the Glen Echo Shopping Center. 


What is your inclement weather policy?

The Writer’s Center follows the lead of the federal government in delayed openings and closures due to severe inclement weather. Workshop participants can check status for the daily government status. If the government announces a two hour delay, all morning workshops and rentals beginning before 11 AM will be canceled. In the event of a government closure, all workshops and rentals, including evening sessions, will be canceled. Workshop leaders will schedule a make-up class with their participants, typically running the following week after the scheduled end date of the workshop. Rentals can be rescheduled once the office is reopened. If hazardous weather develops during the day while the office is open and evening workshops must be canceled, all workshop participants and leaders will be notified by email. The website and social media pages will also be updated.


How do I see membership prices on the website?

If you are already a registered member, you need to login to view the membership prices. If you need new login info, please call the front desk. Please note that it can take up to 2 days to receive your login information, so if you’d like to register for a class at the same time, please call us so we can register you at the member price.


What is your refund policy?

If The Writer's Center has to cancel a workshop for any reason, you will be notified via email and offered your choice of either a refund or a credit, which you have a year to use. If you withdraw from a course within the drop period, you will be given a credit good for up to a year. For our full refund and withdrawal policies, click here.


I have credit that I want to apply to another workshop or purchase. How do I do this?

Credit is good for up to one year after you withdraw from a course. Please call us at 301-654-8664 to apply credit to a purchase. Credits can not be used through the e-store at this time.


Online Workshops

How do online classes work?

Our online workshops are through Moodle by Blackboard, a forum based platform that allows you to log in at anytime to view weekly lessons from the instructor, post assignments, and respond to fellow writer's work in discussion threads. 


How will an online workshop differ from in-person workshops?

Online workshops are wonderful for many reasons. You can telecommute, you can plan and post content on your own schedule, and you can access a whole variety of resources (videos, readings, and written lesson plans) that you might not be able to during your typical workshop. You can complete the workshop entirely at your own pace, on your own time. 


I’ve just registered for my first online workshop. Now what?

After your purchase, you will receive a confirmation from The Writer’s Center via the e-mail address you provided at checkout. This confirmation will not include information on how to access your online workshop. Within 48 hours of the start of your online workshop, you will receive an e-mail from The Writer’s Center with a link to the online workshop space as well as information about your personal account, which will be your entry way to your online workshops. Simply follow the directions in the email.


Do I need any special equipment for an online workshop?

All you need is yourself, your computer, and internet access! No microphones or webcams required.


What about my workshop leader? What kinds of interactions will I have with them?

The Writer’s Center encourages workshop leaders to personalize their workshop space with their biographies, images, and syllabi which give you access to your workshop leader’s expectations for the workshop. You’ll also be able to write questions specifically to your workshop leader via forums, chats, or e-mail.


What time does my workshop start? What if I miss the first day or a whole week?

The wonderful thing about online workshops is that there is no official hour your workshop will start. All your assignments for a given week will be posted on the day of the week your workshop is scheduled to begin. But for all of your assignments, you’ll have a whole week to read, post responses, and prepare work. If you miss a day, or even six days, there’s no need to worry! With online workshops there are plenty of opportunities to submit assignments and participate when you’re ready.

How long after workshop can I continue to access the workshop?

Once the workshop has ended, the workshop web space will be available for one month. After this point, the workshop will be archived, so it is advisable to keep your own copies of any of the documents/resources you upload.


If you have any additional questions, please email