Writing Through the Pandemic

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We are living through extraordinary times. How do we document what we are witnessing, feeling, experiencing, while honoring our strengths, frailties, and imaginations? In this workshop, we will do several exercises designed to help us make sense both of the current moment and our current selves, and to imagine a better future.

About Mathangi Subramanian

Mathangi Subramanian, Ed.D., is a writer, educator, and the author of A People's History of Heaven. In 2016, her novel, Dear Mrs. Naidu, won the South Asia Book Award and was shortlisted for the Hindu-Goodbooks Prize.

Teaching Style: Over the past 16 years, Mathangi has taught students ranging from incarcerated youth in New York to English language learners in a Bangalore slum to pre-service teachers at an Ivy League University. Her teaching style combines high expectations with high support. Whatever your background, Mathangi believes you have a story to tell, and that her job is to help you tell it in the most authentic way possible.


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