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Have you ever wanted to publish an essay about your parenting experience? This is your chance to learn the basics! In this three-week class, you’ll learn how to get your ideas on paper, what makes a story stand out, and where and how to submit your essay for publication. Bring a piece you’re already working on or start from scratch with our class exercises, but be ready to share and grow as a writer! At the end of the session, you’ll have a completed parenting essay and a list of publications that you can submit to.

About Hannah Grieco

Hannah Grieco is the organizer of the monthly series "Readings on the Pike," an assistant fiction editor at Barrelhouse Magazine, freelance essayist, and teacher. Her essays and short stories can be found in The Washington Post's “On Parenting,” Washington City Paper, Huffington Post, Baltimore Sun, Your Teen, Today's Parent, Education Week, First for Women, Motherwell, Gadget Hacks, Scary Mommy, McSweeney's Internet Tendency, The Belladonna, Cotton Xenomorph, Pidgeonholes, Hobart, Lunch Ticket, and many more publications. She can be found online at hgrieco.com and on Twitter at @writesloud.

Teaching Style: Warm and inclusive. Hannah believes that everyone can write and share their work.


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