ONLINE | Fundamentals of Persuasive Writing

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This workshop has been moved to our online video conferencing platform, Zoom. The dates and times will remain the same. You can view brief tutorials on using the platform here.

Learn how to pack a powerful punch when writing persuasively! This six-week workshop teaches the processes involved in crafting newspaper op-eds and written speeches: Think. Plan. Write. Participants will learn the techniques of audience analysis, message development, targeted research, organization, using persuasive language and effective use of social media in planning/strategizing. The workshop also covers how to apply persuasive writing principles to lower-profile writing products, such as memos, letters, and emails. This class features hands-on writing, engaging discussions, a recommended reading list, and a blog for amplification

About James Alexander

James Alexander has more than 30 years experience writing professionally, including stints as a political speechwriter at the Cabinet level. After earning a B.A. in Journalism at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, he worked as a bylined newspaper reporter at The Charlotte Observer and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and also interned at The Washington Post. He later served on Capitol Hill as a U.S. Congressional Fellow and then worked as a Hill press secretary which involved writing lots of speeches and op-eds. As a ghostwriter, James penned dozens of op-eds for political figures with publications in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, USA Today, and The Washington Post, among others. He works full-time in media relations and still writes.

Teaching Style: James thrives on interactive learning and discussion.


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