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Make a plan to get your poetry published this year! This workshop is for poets who have 3-8 finished drafts ready for publication. We’ll discuss cover letters, simultaneous submissions, and the pros/cons of contests, online vs. paper magazines, and more. Bring a list of 3-5 contemporary poets whose work resonates with your own to the first class.

About Melanie Figg

Melanie Figg is the author of the award-winning poetry collection, Trace, and the recipient of a fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts. As a certified professional coach, she has helped hundreds of writers to publish, tame their inner critics, and add more creativity, balance, and intentionality to their lives. She also leads annual women's writing retreats. More about her at:

Teaching Style: With over 25 years of teaching expertise, Melanie is a skilled and generous instructor. Her classes are well-organized but flexible—and include an effective combination of discussion, lecture, and in-class exercises/workshops. She also offers detailed, helpful feedback on student work with clear ideas of how to proceed with revision. Melanie is determined that students leave her classes with new skills, a deeper understanding of craft, and a lasting excitement for writing and reading.


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