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This four-week course is for writers who have inspirational stories to tell. Creating a platform for the work you want to share with the world requires a combination of story, style, and strategy. In this course, you will leverage your life experiences as creative material, refine your voice and delivery, and learn best practices for transitioning from private to public writing. Before each session, you will receive course content including a workbook with lessons and writing assignments. Throughout the duration of the class, you will work on a personal storytelling project that puts what you are learning into practice.

LIVE VIDEO CONFERENCE: This workshop will be held via our online video conferencing platform, Zoom. The dates and times will remain the same. You can view brief tutorials on using the platform here.

About GG Renee Hill

GG Renee Hill is an author and advocate for self-discovery through writing. She has published a free verse memoir about heartbreak and healing, a book of short essays for quiet women who want to be heard, and a mindfulness workbook for self-reflection and personal growth. Find her work at allthemanylayers.com.

Teaching Style: GG encourages the writers she works with to dig up their stories, big and small, in order to find new meaning in the journey of their lives. Participants will be challenged to face their truth, hold it up to the light and transform it into power. GG's workshops provide a safe space for connection, inspiration, and accountability between writers.


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