Your Narrator’s Compelling Voice

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In this course, you will learn what ingredients give the main character in your novel a compelling voice. Writers will discuss how the protagonist’s voice drives other characters and the unfolding plot action. Each participant is expected to bring their own novel that is a “work in progress.” Together, the class will workshop each participant’s novel and assist each author in conceptualizing and improving critical scenes. For the first class, please bring your novel in progress.

About John Weiskopf

John Weiskopf is an adjunct professor at American University. He received his M.F.A. from UCLA Graduate Film School. He has written eleven scripts for feature films, and one novel The Ascendancy from which he wrote the adapted script. He wrote the episodic television series for the novel which is in development in Hollywood.

Teaching style: John uses feature films clips, and selected screenplay samples to have interactive discussions. He believes is important to workshop during the course, so participants will have an opportunity to get feedback on their own writing. John expects students to participate and share their work. He creates a nurturing, non-threatening, creative environment in his courses.


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