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In 1903, Ida Tarbell was “the most famous woman in America.” How did this journalist research and write her balanced and compelling series on Standard Oil? How did she decide the storyline for her narrative about the power of this trust? How did she verify the accuracy of her reporting? What did she do that you can do to make your own writing so compelling that it is still respected after one hundred + years? We’ll use her actual reporting as an example, along with her memoir and letters on her method.

About Gina Hagler

Gina Hagler writes narrative nonfiction for children and adults. Topics covered include Ada Lovelace, quantum physics, aliens, and STEM. She also writes about biotech, health-tech, and agtech for a variety of publications. More about her at:

Teaching Style: Gina uses a variety of methods to bring the material alive including readings, discussions, prompts, and exercises.


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