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Maybe you have toyed with the dream of increasing your book sales and generating additional revenue by building a speaking business, perhaps you have just thought about addressing occasional requests to speak that have come your way, or maybe you just want to find better ways to market your book. Participants in this workshop will focus on all aspects of book marketing including negotiating larger book orders, working with distributors, professional speaking, engaging speaker’s bureaus, creating dynamic keynote presentations, proposal writing, program pricing, and basic delivery skills. If you think writing a book is exciting, wait until you feel the thrill of stepping in front of a room, and speaking on behalf of that book!

About Rob Jolles

A 30-year professional speaker, and three-time bestselling author with books translated in over a dozen languages, Rob Jolles coaches and mentors business authors from around the country. His designed approach and manuscript development process have been successful in the production of numerous conventionally published business books. He lives in Chevy Chase, Maryland. More about him at:

Teaching Style: Rob mixes information, facilitation, motivation, and most important, fun.


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