Virtual Craft Happy Hour with Kevin Latimer

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TWC & Poet Lore present a FREE VIDEO CHAT about the craft of writing!

We’re joined by poet Kevin Latimer (ZOETROPE) to talk about blending poetry and playwriting, starting a new publishing press, and so much more. Kevin will be in conversation with Emily Holland, the managing editor of Poet Lore.

FREE and open to the public, all times Eastern. Limited space.

RSVP below, and you’ll receive an email on or before June 17 with instructions for joining the chat via our video conferencing platform, Zoom.

We encourage you to order a copy of the book from the publisher, grieveland, or from your local independent bookseller! Order now »



Kevin LatimerKevin Latimer is a poet and playwright. He is the co-editor-in-chief of BARNHOUSE, a writing collective. His poems can be found in jubilat, Poetry Northwest, Passages North, Storm Cellar, & elsewhere. His plays have been produced by convergence-continuum. He lives in Cleveland, Ohio.


Kevin Latimer’s ZOETROPE is a frantic protest set in a grieving and illogical world. These poems and poemplays examine what it is to be black and grieving in America. At the end: some place, no disasters exist.

“…when I read Kevin’s work, I’m reminded of that feeling that, I think transcends any other feeling while reading poetry — I’m reminded of what a poem can do. To be reminded of that is such a beautiful thing. It’s that feeling when you read a poet break a line mid-word, or deliver in 5 lines what you’ve tried to do in 100, or deliver in 100 lines what you thought could only be 5, or refuse punctuation, or re-use punctuation, or shift perspective, tone, dialogue, anything, I don’t care — to read poetry is to have the potential to be reminded of what a poem can do. And to read Kevin Latimer’s poetry is to always be reminded of what a poem can do.” – Devin Gael Kelly on VERTIGO.

“In Latimer’s ZOETROPE, “joy & grief are dancing on every sidewalk,” and there’s a sky, pink and filled with balloons, and there’s a boy dancing into and through a world where a black boy “run[s] from the police,” where “Tamir rips dandelions from the street,” and where daisies grow in grounds drenched in death. And even so, Latimer creates a world where black boys fly & dream & live & become astronauts that “dance around the sun.” “I want to speak to all this bigness” asserts Latimer. And he does…” – Noor Hindi


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