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Learn how to write a powerful memoir that will engage readers for years to come! Everyone has a story to tell (or multiple stories for that matter) which is why contemporary memoir—a form of autobiography where everyday people tell their stories—has become such a popular genre. Memoir, much like fiction, relies on literary tools such as character development, vivid scenes, structure, and plot to craft a compelling storyline and produce evocative, page-turning, funny, and novel-like final products. In this class, you will learn about memoirs that succeeded and why they worked, as well as become familiar with techniques on how to get started on your own memoir (or personal essay), and how to structure your stories. You will develop your storytelling skills and share your personal transformation narrative in a compelling way. Class time will be spent on discussion, exercises, and sharing. We will also cover the publication process, including how to go about finding an agent and/or publisher, and how to pitch and market your work.

LIVE VIDEO CONFERENCE: This workshop will be held via our online video conferencing platform, Zoom. The dates and times will remain the same. You can view brief tutorials on using the platform here.


About Natasha Scripture

Natasha Scripture is an author with a passion for transformational nonfiction. Her debut memoir Man Fast: A Memoir came out in June 2019, and was featured in The Washington Post as one of The 10 books to read in June. Her personal essays have been published in The New York Times, The Telegraph, Glamour UK, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Boston Globe, The New York Post, Marie Claire, and The Atlantic, among other publications.


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