(Arlington) Playwriting: Dialogue

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Among the tools available to the playwright, dialogue is the most obvious and possibly least understood element of craft. In this session participants will identify some of the many uses of dialogue and discuss how the writer uses this tool to explore, discover, and build a play. The workshop will also take a look at how actors and other theatre artists approach the play on the page and how this can inform the writer.

About Richard Washer

Richard Washer, M.F.A., playwright and director, serves as Associate Artistic Director and First Draft Resident Playwright at The Rose Theatre Company. He holds a B.A. (University of Virginia) and an M.F.A. (American University). His produced full-length plays include Missa, Of a Sunday Morning, Monkeyboy (co-written with Keith Bridges and Chris Stezin), The Fetish, Getting It, and Quartet. His musical (music by Mark Haag) Persephone: A Burlesque received a development and workshop reading at First Draft at the Rose Theatre in March, 2018. Most recently, his new play, The Migrant received a reading at First Draft in March 2019. More about him at: www.richardwasher.com.

Teaching style: Richard's goal every workshop is to create a community for writers where everyone involved can explore, develop and stretch their writing skills. This involves not only providing an opportunity to practice writing but to learn how to give and receive feedback in a way that is meaningful to the writer. His hope is that writers find the workshop environment a safe place to learn and explore the craft of writing and that they acquire tools and skills they can apply to the development of their work after the workshop ends.


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