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Although most authors now recognize the need to participate in the marketing of their newly published books, the idea of marketing can still inspire fear and loathing. Fortunately, by developing a plan and understanding basic elements of marketing, much of that fear can be dispelled. Whether your book is being published through a big press, indie press, hybrid, or self-publisher, you’ll need to provide marketing support. In this three-week class, you’ll learn the basics of marketing and how to develop a plan well in advance of your book’s publication date. With class participation, we will explore the effectiveness and value of book reviews, various forms of social media, book tours (virtual and real), house parties, targeted advertisement, entering contests, appearing at book festivals, and more. We’ll also discuss those aspects of marketing that are either outdated or ineffective. Handouts and online links include lists of book reviewers (print & online), paid advertising options; PR and publicity firms that promote books; local venues that host readings; lists of festivals, contests, and awards.

About Herta B. Feely & Emily Williamson

Herta Feely is a local author, editor, writing coach, and ghostwriter. Her novel, Saving Phoebe Murrow, was an Amazon UK best debut and won three Indie press awards in the US. Her clients have been published traditionally, through hybrid presses, and self-published. She is the co-founder of Safe Kids Worldwide.

Emily Williamson is an author, editor, and literary agent at Williamson Literary. Her short stories and poems have been published in numerous literary journals, including Blackbird, Measure, Word Riot, and others. She is the recipient of the 2018 No Chair Press Chapbook Prize for her collection of poems, Dead Reckoning.



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