Fundamentals of Persuasive Writing

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Learn how to pack a powerful punch when writing persuasively! This six-week workshop teaches the processes involved in crafting newspaper op-eds and written speeches: Think. Plan. Write. Participants will learn the techniques of audience analysis, message development, targeted research, organization, using persuasive language, and effective use of social media in planning/strategizing. The workshop also covers how to apply persuasive writing principles to lower-profile writing products, such as memos, letters, and emails. This class features hands-on writing, engaging discussions, a recommended reading list, and a blog for amplification.

About James Alexander

James Alexander has worked more than 30 years in communications first in the newspaper industry as a bylined reporter and later in public relations/public affairs for both the private sector and government as a speechwriter and as a media specialist. Alexander, employed in the federal sector, majored in Journalism at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. He has written numerous political and policy speeches and ghostwritten op-eds for major newspapers. He currently works in Media Relations interacting daily with the press.

Teaching Style: James thrives on interactive learning and discussion.


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