Poetry as Experience

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Poetry is, in part, high emotion in language. Cultures throughout the world use poetry to share their histories, shape their stories, and express ideas in lyrical form. In this workshop, we will look at our inner language and life experiences to explore writing from personal and cultural memory. Through writing prompts and mini-lectures on craft, formal elements of poetry as well as the history of the poetry genre will be emphasized. This workshop is open to all – no previous poetry experience required.

About Judith Harris

Judith Harris, Ph.D., is the author of two books of poetry, Night Garden (Tiger Bark, 2013), Atonement (LSU, 2000) and The Bad Secret (LSU, 2006) and a critical book, Signifying Pain: Constructing and Healing the Self Through Writing, a study of psychoanalytic processes underlying literary perception. Her poetry has appeared recently in The Nation, The Hudson Review, The New Republic, Slate, Ploughshares, American Life in Poetry, and the Atlantic.


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