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This course is for individuals who want to tone up their writing muscles so they can go the distance. Each class will include a prompt for a piece that we will start in class. Participants will then focus on specifics like effective beginnings, creative prose, and strong conclusions. Participants will also learn how to avoid common grammatical and usage errors that can distract from their message. This workshop will focus on both craft and technique and is designed for participants of all backgrounds who are looking to take their writing endurance and skills to the next level. Participants will have the start of several narrative pieces by the end of the class. Note: No meeting on November 27.

About Beth Kanter

Beth Kanter is the author of six books about Washington, DC, including her latest, No Access DC. Beth’s essays and articles have appeared in a range of national newspapers, magazines, and online publications. She earned her MSJ from Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism and has been leading Boot Camp for Writers for almost ten years.

Teaching style: Beth likes to create an environment where participants feel comfortable taking chances with their writing as well as a space where participants can share their work with a community of writers.


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