So You Want to Write Your Story!

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You’ve led an interesting life and want to tell some of your stories to others. You’ve read some memoirs and personal essays, and have been stashing some of your own efforts in a notebook somewhere. Now it’s time to pull them out and begin to craft them into a narrative. Come explore with us, through readings and exercises, how to start to turn private words into public. Pre-class assignments will be sent to you a week before class begins.

About Alyce Miller

Alyce Miller is the award-winning author of four books of fiction and one book of nonfiction, as well as more than 250 essays, short stories, poems, articles, and book reviews. She is Professor Emerita from the English Department and Graduate Program in Creative Writing at Indiana University-Bloomington, where she also received awards for her teaching. More about her at:

Teaching Style: Alyce encourages a relaxed and energetic environment where participants are actively engaged in a mutual process of critical reading, learning, and sharing work.


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