Now That You’re Done, What’s Next? Revision and Editing

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Revision and editing are key to developing your final draft. So, what exactly are the steps to revising your own work? In this three-week course, we’ll use the analogy of The Telescope, The Magnifying Glass, and The Microscope, as the three stages to reviewing your manuscript (novel or memoir). We’ll start by looking at the big picture and then delve into the finer details, including character development, plot, pacing, tension, showing vs telling, point of view, voice, setting/description, and how to fine-tune your prose. Participants will be provided with numerous handouts outlining the topics discussed in the class, including lists of resources and contacts, and they will be given an introductory questionnaire to help identify their individual writing goals. Authors may bring the first 15-20 pages of their manuscripts to share during the course of the workshop.

About Herta B. Feely & Emily Williamson

Herta Feely is a local author, editor, writing coach, and ghostwriter. Her novel, Saving Phoebe Murrow, was an Amazon UK best debut and won three Indie press awards in the US. Her clients have been published traditionally, through hybrid presses, and self-published. She is the co-founder of Safe Kids Worldwide.

Emily Williamson is an author, editor, and literary agent at Williamson Literary. Her short stories and poems have been published in numerous literary journals, including Blackbird, Measure, Word Riot, and others. She is the recipient of the 2018 No Chair Press Chapbook Prize for her collection of poems, Dead Reckoning.



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