First We Read, Then We Write

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In the end, you write largely what you have read. We all hope to be original, of course, and to develop that most elusive quality: our own voice. But just as we learn to speak by hearing others speak around us, it’s our lifetime of reading that largely makes us who we are as writers. So, what are you reading, and how? In this workshop, you will experience seven techniques for becoming more conscious of yourself as a reader, deepening the experience of reading itself, and thereby grow and mature as a writer.

About Gregory Robison

Gregory Robison (BA Yale University; MBA, INSEAD, Fontainebleau, France) was Executive Director at The Writer’s Center for four years, and has offered versions of "Life Sentences" at Georgetown University and elsewhere. His began his illustrated journal, now at 108 manuscript volumes, almost 50 years ago, in the winter of 1969.

Teaching Style: Robison also teaches circle practices and therefore favors a participative, inclusive approach to teaching.


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