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This workshop will be held on the online video conferencing platform, Zoom. The dates and times will remain the same. You can view brief tutorials on using the platform here.

Most writers understandably cringe at the legal and technical jargon of book, magazine, option, or other contracts they need to sell their work. And copyrights can be downright scary.  Ken Ackerman has navigated these water frequently in his long career covering six commercial books through multiple publishers, with all the related legal twists and turns.  In this two hour online workshop, he tells writers what they need to know, in simple, understandable terms, to avoid costly mistakes in selling and securing their work.

About Kenneth D. Ackerman

Kenneth D. Ackerman has authored five commercially-published books of Americana (including his most recent, Trotsky in New York, 1917) plus dozens of articles, posts, and a recent screenplay. He has practiced law in DC since the 1970s, including senior posts on Capitol Hill and in two Administrations. He lives in Falls Church with his wife Karen.

Teaching Style: Interactive, combining presentations with group discussion.


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