Uncovering Family Secrets: an interview with Eliza Nellums, author of All That’s Bright and Gone

By Ofelia Montelongo, TWC Emerging Voices Fellow

All families keep secrets, some more dreadful than others. Family secrets masterfully intertwine with ambiguity and mystery in Eliza Nellums’s debut novel, building a scarce and dazzling narrative told by a six-year-old girl with a vivid imagination. Nellums’s talent sparkles on the page, capturing the essence and voice of […]

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Stepping out with The Inner Loop

DC literary organizers Rachel Coonce & Courtney Sexton share the motivation behind their mission

By Zach Powers

Zach Powers: We were on a panel together recently, and one of the things that surprised me was that a number of people in the audience didn’t know exactly what a reading series was. How would you describe a literary […]

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A Personal Path to Being a Writer

By Hannah Grieco, TWC Instructor

It’s a conversation we have online and in person, on Twitter and at conferences. There are many good reasons to look into MFA programs, and most writers have considered doing so at some point.

We long to dive deeply into our craft, find a like-minded community of writers, and eventually work with […]

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Standing Out in a Crowd: A conversation with Reuben Jackson about his newest collection Scattered Clouds

By Brandon Blue, TWC Front Desk Associate

Brandon Blue: First of all congratulations on this collection. It is a mixture of your first collection, fingering the keys, two poems that have gotten some well-deserved attention: “For Trayvon Martin” and “Amir & Khadijah: A Suite,” and new poems. What inspired you to continue the sentiments and ideas […]

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