BUP High School Poetry Contest Winner | Miranda Yu

Pork Dumplings

The kitchen drips with steam
as I watch my grandmother hum
to a crackling radio. Descending,
her nimble hands conceal
pork filling in thin folds of dough,
kneaded by her rough palms.
How I admire my grandmother’s nails—
broad and plain. Mine are naked almonds,
rimmed with pale crescent moons.
Thick, calloused fingers dip
into a porcelain bowl, brimming
with warm, murky water. My eyes […]

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BUP High School Poetry Contest Winner | Tina Xia

Did You Hear the News?

Come day of Sins, and she sees
[cross-circle-cross] headline: an Auroran man
installs fifty-eight crosses for the city
that gambled but lost all cards; California bars
and synagogues and lost probabilities—empty.

Four wheels beat down two thousand miles
with chipped cans, cold coffee. A crumpled man drives across
fresh pavement to revive the lost spirits of Columbine and
Hurricane […]

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BUP High School Poetry Contest Winner | Cherly Tan

love catches your eye in the mirror, says be kinder to yourself.
you ignore love, swiping your phone off your desk your wallet from the table;
the lock clicks quietly behind you.

love wraps its fingers around your heart, squeezing and squeezing and your heart skips a beat.
you gulp discreetly, look away for a second, wrestling love’s grasp–
her […]

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BUP High School Poetry Contest Winner | Naomi Louie

I used to buy apples and put them on the countertops
just to watch disease spread across their skin. Just
to see them become more seed than flesh, more cyanide
than sugar. It was a test of faith. To set my mind to God.

Once, and only once, I weakened. Gave in to temptation,
bit into an apple that was […]

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